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Thank You, JJ and E`Twaun, And Welcome Home.

Tonight at Banker's Life Fieldhouse (I hate that name) we welcomed home a couple of true Boilermaker heroes. I realize that organizing this event allowed certain perks, but it was all about JaJuan Johnson and E`Twaun Moore. They are the guys who helped build this site by being fantastic basketball players. I was just the fan lucky enough to write about it.

Still, I had to pause and collect myself when the guys came out and I looked up to see hundreds of people waiting to talk to these guys, all because this site was able to organize and event to thank them for their time as Boilermakers. It was an incredible honor to be able to emcee this event and see so many Purdue fans come out to meet them. Thank you all for building this site into what it is today, and thank you, JJ and E'Twaun for taking time to come meet us all.

Credit is due to View Thru My Lens Photography for some of these photos.