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Final Update For The JJ & E'Twaun With The Pacers Event

Hey guys, here is the final update for tomorrow's night's outing. yesterday, I went to pickup up my tickets from the Pacers and I clarified what can be brought to sign. Since we sold a lot more tickets than we both expected (I originally estimated 50 or so, so you guys outdid yourselves) they may not be able to handle the volume of people to sign stuff at the post game event. There still will be a post game discussion with them, but any signing will be at the discretion of the players.

There is another opportunity to get them to sign stuff as well. I was told that if you go in when the doors open at 6pm you can go down courtside for autographs for about 15-20 minutes. If you're wanting to get something signed this could be a better option.

I apologize for the confusion on this, as I was told from the beginning there would be the opportunity to sign stuff as long as JJ and E'Twaun wanted to sign at the post-game event, but we sold so many tickets that there may not be time to have them sign. Since the post-game event is supposed to be a Q&A slash Meet & Greet event, I can ask tomorrow when I get there to see if they would rather sign for everyone who wants stuff sign than just do a Q&A.I'll even bring sharpies.

Don't forget to pick up your wristbands for the postgame event at the table in the entry pavilion as you come in. I was told the table will be over by the window to the practice court next to the elevators.

Finally, I was informed that because we sold so many tickets the Pacers are wanting to do a second event for when Boston comes through again on April 7. The tickets will have an even further discount down to $16 for the cheapest seats because this sale went so well. That means those that missed this event can go to that one, where there will likely be a meet and greet afterward as well.

I apologize for the confusion on the signing event. I feel mortified that they may not be signing after promoting it so much. Trust me, I am disappointed too, as I have each of their Purdue jerseys and a piece the Mackey Arena floor wanted signed. At least we still get to welcome JJ and E`Twaun home as pros and thank them personally for being such awesome guys to meet us afterward.