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Defend Home Court: Wisconsin At Purdue Game Thread

We've won 26 games in a row at Mackey Arena, which is the longest streak in the history of the building. Before the season started I felt tonight's game would be the most fierce challenge we would face to that streak. Games against Michigan State, Michigan, and Indiana now look tougher, but tonight's game is still a difficult one because the Badgers are a desperate team at 1-3 in league play. It's hard to predict what will happen, so my prediction is to prepare for anything

You guys are in charge for the Open Thread, though SB Nation's new android app makes commenting much easier, so I'll try to drop a few in. I am in attendance, and the last that time we got 10 minute of basketball perfection against Illinois.

So don't get it too rowdy in here, kids. Dad will be watching from my seats. I think I will arbitrarily place the first commenter in charge.

Also, as an added final bonus, the Pacers contacted me and announced that ticket sales were so well, they are offering the same deal for the April 7 game against the Celtics with an even more steep discount because we sold so many tickets. If you can't make it Saturday night, now you have a second chance for an H&R group outing to see JJ and E`Twaun.