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Saturday Night With JJ And E`Twaun

Once again, you readers have blown me away. When I originally spoke with the group sales representative for the Indiana Pacers about this coming Saturday's game he asked me how many tickets I expected to sell. I told him we could probably get a group of at least 50 people are so because hey, how much influence can a sports blog have, right?

Well, the sale ended last Friday at midnight, and today I received the final numbers. You guys love JaJuan Johnson and E`Twaun Moore that not only did we sell out one allotment of tickets in the FedEx Fan Zone, we sold a total of 427 tickets, which is an incredible number that I didn't even think possible.

Thank you, everyone, for making this a great event. Some members of the Paint Crew will be there, and I am hoping that JJ and Smooge will be thrilled that so many people came out just to see them. Remember, you can pick up your wristband for the meet n' greet in the entry pavilion as you come into the Fieldhouse on Saturday night. This is the only way to get in to the postgame event, so be sure to pick it up before you go into the fieldhouse proper. Tipoff is as 7pm, and the meet n' greet will be after the game. The Pacers are even being generous enough to move Mrs. T-Mill and I to courtside seats because of your generosity in buying so many tickets, so thank you again.

This is going to be a great event. Bring some stuff for JJ and E`Twaun to sign too. I haven't been told what is limited for that, but you'll have to be able to bring it into the arena for you. I am bringing a jersey for each of them, as well as a piece of the Mackey Arena floor Mrs. T-Mill got me for Christmas. From my conversations with Bill Friedman and The Journey last week their crew may even be on hand to film this event. I'll be leading the postgame discussion as well. I have no idea what the Pacers rep meant by that, but we'll roll with it.

So thank you again, everyone. I hope you enjoy this very special event.