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Welcome to the Fold: Devin Smith

I guess I was wrong when I said football recruiting was winding down for the year.  Purdue snagged another offensive line recruit as Devin Smith committed to the program.  Smith is one of the top JUCO offensive lineman in the country and looks to provide plenty of muscle on the line.

Smith comes from Arizona Western Community College, the same school as fellow recruit Steffon Martin.  Smith picked Purdue over Kansas and other schools.  At 6'7 and 315 pounds, Smith should add a lot of beef to a Purdue line.  Our offensive line is going to be experiencing some turnover, so its nice to add some more talent.  If Smith stays healthy, he might be able to grab a starting spot right away next year.

I wasn't able to find any highlights of Smith, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  Danny Hope has been on a roll with his last couple of recruits and Smith looks to continue that trend.  The pickups of Calvin Smith, Jordan Roos, Aloysis Gray, and now Devin Smith will bolster this class.  I look forward to watching Smith open up holes for our running game next year.