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Welcome to the Fold: Aloyis Gray

Well, our Boilermakers managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat today.  That wasn't the only good news today.  Danny Hope snagged another recruit as dual-threat quarterback Aloyis Gray committed to the Boilers after the game.  Gray is the 8th ranked player in Indiana for 2012 and is the 25th ranked quarterback in the nation.

The QB from Pike doesn't look like he's going to remain at that position as a Boilermaker.  The highlight clip I happened to glance at showed him more at wide receiver than anything.  Never hurts to have more talent on the edges.  Lord knows we need it after watching today's game.  However, if he wants to play, Gray is going to have to put on some weight.  Rivals has him listed at 6'3 and 165 pounds.  That is just a tad bit too skinny to hold up over a long season.

I'm kind of shocked that he would decide to commit after this game.  Nothing like a nail biting win over a Sun Belt team to excite the fan base and potential recruits.  More power to him though.  Hopefully Gray can add a bit more excitement to the team when he gets here next year.

Regardless, let's celebrate.  Getting the first win of the year and having one of the top recruits in the state commit is great.  Although the Iowa monsoon has knocked me under the weather, I know I'm enjoying this news.

Aloyis Gray Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)