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Bye Week General Open Thread

We're expecting shitty weather in Indiana today, so it is the perfect day to stay home and enjoy a virtual orgy of college football. if you're lucky enough to get ESPN 3, you actually have the ability to watch nearly 16 hours of college football from Michigan-SDSU at noon to Hawaii game starting at midnight. Our Boilers are on a bye, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with another OpenThread. I'll check in and out throughout the day, but let's hope for a Pittsburgh win at noon, Miami at 3:30, West Virginia in prime time, and Oregon (because the Duck fans were really cool to us a few years ago) in the late game.

This also gives me a chance to promote a few things for next week. Reader Travis Easter contacted me last week concerning a new song we can expect to hear on Game Days, and here is what he had to say:

I am a member of the Woodstove Flapjacks Stringband here in Lafayette.  We have recently been working with the Purdue Athletic department on a song we wrote entitled "Boilermaker Breakdown", which is an old-time song that works in the fight song theme.  They are going to be unveiling the song in time for the Notre Dame game, and we might be doing some live performances around the stadium that day.  This is ho-down style, two banjo’s, two regular guitars, a resonator slide guitar and a washtub bass.  

We are mastering the final product this Thursday, the 22nd and will be handing it over to the Athletic Department the following day.  They already have a few new commercials shot that the song will be on.  Other plans are to play it at the stadium, and depending on fan approval, possibly even at Basketball games.

They are also going to be putting us in contact with the Purdue Reamer Club.  We will be giving  them a copy to play on the new Boilermaker Special on game days and are hopeful that they might want to work with us for future promotions and events.

Travis has been kind enough to invite myself and John Wadas for a tour of People's Brewery (band member Chris Johnson is the Master Brewer there) next week before the Notre Dame game. After that, I plan to be at Harry's by around 4:30 for any readers that want to meet up. If you beat me there, same me a standing spot (or a seat if you somehow get a table). Mrs. T-Mill and I would be more than happy to share a long island or two with the readership.

In the meantime, enjoy the day!