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Welcome to the Fold: Danny Anthrop

Today's edition of Welcome to the Fold features a familiar last name.  Danny Anthrop, a senior at Lafayette Central Catholic high school and younger brother of basketball player Dru Anthrop, has joined the Boilermaker class for 2012.  Anthrop's position in college is yet to be determined, but he has played all over the field in high school.

Anthrop has been one of the key players on his team since he was a sophomore.  He has one a state championship and led that team in touchdowns with 20.  He is blessed with blistering speed, as he has been clocked in the the low 4.4's consistently.

Anthrop could fill any role for the Boilermakers.  He projects out as a either a slot receiver or a safety.  Safety will be needed next season and Anthrop has pretty good ball skills.  I'm not sure if he's a redshirt candidate, because having players who can fill any need are always needed.

He reminds me a lot of B.J Knauf right now.  Both guys are tremendous athletes and should be able to see some playing time next season.  Both possess great speed and have a nose for the football.  Purdue has lacked players like this for some time, so it's nice to see Hope loading up on them.

Anthrop looks to be a good get and I can't wait to see his versatility on the field for the Boilermakers.

Danny Anthrop, Lafayette Central Catholic, Class of 2012 (via CaptainTiberiusKirk)