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Boilermakings for 9/13

I am trying to come up with a basketball entry idea, just because we all need some good news around here. In the meantime, here are some links that are Purdue-related:

Vollyeball now rated 14th

Somehow we dropped a spot after starting 9-0. Go figure.

Graduating powerhouses open opportunities for commits - Purdue Exponent: Home
The Exponent takes a look at the future of Purdue basketball

Purdue Basketball Schedule Analysis -- Set up to be Let Down - BT Powerhouse
SBNation's Big Ten Basketball blog takes a look at Purdue's schedule.

Joe Barry Carroll Refused To Give Up His Seat To A White Lady, Is Now Suing
Former NBA #1 overall draft pick Joe Barry Carroll is back in the news.

College Football Hot Seat Watch After Week 2 ft. Mark Richt, Rick Neuheisel |
Danny hope ranks #8 on the coaches hot seat watch.

Big Ten Power Poll week 2

Huzzah! We're not dead last!