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Hope Doesn't Float: Time for a Change

This may seem irrational, but look at the time stamp and consider the following.  I watched Iowa run with their tails tucked between their legs today against ISU.  Why we decided to sit on the ball with 1:17 left and 2 timeouts, I'll never know.  I threw the rest of my hope on Purdue to salvage my day.  Too bad our coaching staff couldn't deliver.

For those who don't know my coaching philosophy, I would rather deal with a crappy coach than force wholesale changes.  In college, dumping a coach can cripple a future, especially in recruiting.  Right now, Purdue has a great class lined up for 2012.  If anyone would know that, it would be me.  However, I've finally lost patience with Danny Hope and his abysmal decisions.

There is no way in hell Purdue should EVER lose to Rice.  I don't care if I was playing QB, T-Mill was split out wide, and the rest of the regulars made up the offense.  I can probably carve up Rice's defense.  Speaking of defense, do we have one anymore?  I think the Bermuda Triangle known as the middle of the field sucked up our defense.  I've played defense for many years.  Guarding the middle of the field isn't real easy.  However, we treat the middle like lava.  Why would we step near it when we can allow first down after first down?

That leads me to the man in charge.  Although his mustache is grand, his coaching is not.  I literally saw zero plays from today, so I can't make my judgment solely off today.  However, Boiler Paulie was quick to point out to me through text message that our coaching was erratic.  We should have went for the kill on the last drive.  Instead, we settled.  Settling got the kick blocked.  The football gods reward teams that put it all on the line.  Too bad that i can't remember a Purdue team that has done that.

You can only play the injury card for so long.  Danny Hope has run out of those freebies.  I know the ardent Hope supporters on here will rail on this and call me a fair weather fan.  I really don't care.  I would rather have people question my support than allow Purdue football to be the disgrace it has become.  Danny Hope is going to go bowl-less again and his job is on line.  Axe him after the season.  I'm sick of watching the same crap over and over again.

Hope can talk about practice all he wants.  Actual results matter.  He's never got any and he won't get any in the near future.  Start fresh and hope for the best.  We can't hit rock bottom any harder than we already have.