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Boiler Up! Fry Rice GameThread

I am borrowing heavily from BoilerPaulie for the title today. He is the enterprising young gentleman whose father ordered a block of 200 tickets and marketed them to Purdue fans through the site here. The original grouping was only 100, but I believe they had to go back twice to order 50 more tickets.

From the sound of things this should be a very pro-Purdue crowd today. Our contingent should be in the thousands today, making it for the possible rare even of Purdue taking over an opposing stadium outside of Bloomington.

I'll try to be on the gamethread today, but I can promise a whole lot. I am covering Kokomo vs. Huntington North this afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium. It starts at 2:30, so I'll have to tether my phone to my laptop to get internet. The Colts are notoriously cheap with the media (example: I had free wireless last night at Zionsville high school. The Colts charge for internet). I should be home for most of the second half.

As promised, here is your link to an online stream for CBS Sports Network. Special thanks to Riley for providing it.