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Welcome to the Fold: Anthony Brown

This one slipped through the cracks on me, so I apologize for the delay.  Anthony Brown, a cornerback from Florida, became the 11th member of the football class for 2012.  Brown had numerous offers from mid-level schools and is part of the Florida pipeline.

Brown will certainly have to put on some size before he joins the team.  At 5'11 and just 175 pounds, Brown is not a big guy.  He seems like the perfect redshirt candidate, as the depth in the secondary is fantastic.  It won't hurt Brown to spend a season on the sideline watching Ricardo Allen trap opponents on Ricardo Island.

Brown is a two sport star at Hillborough High School, as he has turned heads on the track as well.  Brown is a sprinter, which bodes well for him having the speed to keep up with Big 10 receivers.  As I said earlier, he does need to put on some weight.  He might have a perfect track body right now, but that won't hold up in the Big 10.  

I normally end these posts with a clip of football highlights, but Youtube let me down.  Instead, I bring you highlights from this year's district track meet in which Brown won two races.

Anthony Brown Hillsborough District 3A-9 Track Meet 2011 (via 813bolt)