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12 Days To Purdue Football: Tommie Thomas

It seems like there is a trend of a few players in Joe Tiller's final recruiting class being passed over by younger guys before they've had a chance to make much of an impact. LaSalle Cooks and Nnamdi Ezenwa look to be two of them on the defense, while Tommie Thomas, on the other side of the ball, has been around for awhile without making his mark on the field. Still, I have seen from his Twitter that he is a good kid with an excellent attitude, and that may finally pay off this year.

Tommie Thomas - Jr.

Hometown: Robbins, IL (Richards HS)

Wide Receiver

6'2", 190 pounds

2011 Projection: Contributor at wide receiver

Thus far Thomas has played in just one game in his first three years on campus. He got in a game last season but did not record any statistics. He was originally recruited as a defensive back, but moved to receiver in 2009 when we had a dearth of experience at the position.

Tommie enjoys working with the Special Olympics, which is much better than anything anyone can do on the field. I like this a lot. I like that we have guys like Tommie Thomas and more that are willing to give their time to others in addition to their commitments on the football field. To me, that is more important than anything else. To whom much is given, much is expected. Tommie is a guy setting the right example of what to do.

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