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14 Days To Purdue Football: Spencer Dawson

Last year was pretty much a disaster at the quarterback position, with everyone who played their coming down with a variety of maladies. By the end of the year I'm surprised we weren't down to Ryan Kerrigan running the wildcat because our scout team quarterback had come down with Legionaire's Disease when he was the previous last resort.

Hopefully we have health at the position this year. I am sure that Spencer Dawson is a nice kid, but I really don't want to see him on the field this year because it would mean we've had another disaster at the position.

Spencer Dawson - Sr.

Hometown: LaFontaine, IN (Southwood HS)


6'2", 205 pounds

2011 Projection: Deep reserve at quarterback

Dawson comes to us from one of my favorite small schools in the state, mostly because my aunt used to teach art there for years and my cousins played basketball at Southwood in the '90's. Dawson was the starting quarterback for three years there and was an Academic All-State Selection as a senior. He is now a senior at Purdue who joined the team last year as a walk-on.

I think Spencer is a bit of a character. There is a facebook page dedicated to his abs, and his twitter quote lists him as the backup, backup, backup, backup quarterback at Purdue, so he's kind of a big deal. He also played basketball in high school and ran track. He is a true American who has the Top Gun poster as the background on his Twitter page, so this is a man you all should know.

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