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21 Days To Purdue Football: Ricardo Allen

Today's featured player is perhaps the most exciting one on the roster. His work ethic is unmatched as he seeks to become the best cornerback in all of college football. I am of course referring to Ricardo Allen, who enters 2011 as possible the most feared cornerback in the Big Ten.

Ricardo Allen - So.

Hometown: Daytona, FL (Mainland HS)


5'9", 175 pounds

2011 Projection: starter at cornerback, possible punt returner

Ricardo Allen could not have had a better freshman season. He was a starter from day one and had 83 tackles, a sack, 3 interceptions, and two of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns. The recruiting services only rated him a 3-star because of his height, but don't mention that to Ricardo. instead of using it as a disadvantage, his size fuels him to get better. He has stated that he can't change his size, but he can work harder.

That's what I love about this kid. he brings an attitude to the team that is sorely needed. Yesterday he had a great tweet. He stated that, "No offense to Rod Woodson, but I want to be Charles Woodson. I want to win the Heisman." His work ethic is unparalleled and his focus is like nothing I have ever seen before. He's also incredibly exciting to watch on the field. His 94 yard pick six against Michigan last year was a thing of beauty, and he followed it up a week later with a pick six against Michigan State on a play that many fifth year seniors don't make. Simply put, if the guy gets the ball in his hands he is a threat to score.

Unfortunately, I fear he may not get the ball as much this year, at least on defense. rumors are swirling that he has become Rico Island: a place where opposing receivers are exiled because opposing quarterbacks fear to throw his way. Some of the benefits of Rico Island:

  • All expenses paid.
  • Free relaxation as there is very little work to do.
  • Complete isolation from the stress of society.
  • Any balls thrown your why while you are relaxing will be taken care of by Ricardo Allen, your personal concierge. Just relax and let him have the football.
  • Fully stocked mini-bar (once Ricardo turns 21 in December 2012).
  • A prime seat for watching the cheerleaders since you won't be involved in the game anymore.
  • A change of scenery, as Rico Island comes to you in West Lafayette, Houston, State College, Ann Arbor, Madison, and Bloomington.

Finally, we might get to see a new element this year. Danny Hope stated this week that if the season began today, Ricardo would be returning punts. Holy crap that's exciting! We take his blazing speed (rumor has it he can hit a light switch and be in bed before the light goes out) and elusiveness with the ball and put it in an area where we sorely need a spark? Sign me up!

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