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Welcome to the Fold: Calvin Smith

Big news for the football team today.  Defensive tackle Calvin Smith is tranferring into the program.  A four-star recruit who originally went to New Mexico, Smith will have three years of eligibility left.  He does have to sit out this year, however.

This is a big time get for Danny Hope and company.  There are not many four-star players who choose to come to Purdue, and Smith looks like a good one.  Defensive line depth is always an area of concern with us, and Smith could potentially move to defensive end if needed.  I happened to look at a couple of highlight packages, and Smith shows tremendous speed getting off the ball and getting into the backfield.

Smith is a product of Hialeah High School, the same school that 2012 recruit Andy Garcia and prep-school bound Carlos Carvajal come from.  Based on the highlights of these players, Hialeah is a good school to get a pipeline from.  I expect big things from Smith when he is eligible to play.  A year in the program will work wonders for him, as he will be able to add size and speed.  This a good day for Purdue's football program and I am excited to watch Calvin finish his career as a Boilermaker

Here is a link to Smith's highlights from high school: