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Welcome to the Fold: Jonathan Curry

Danny Hope sure has been busy lately.  He added another recruit today.  Jonathan Curry, a 6'2 tight end out of Alabama, became the newest member of the Class of 2012.  Curry had numerous offers, including ones from Nebraska and Stanford.

Curry is more in the mold of a Dustin Keller type tight end.  At 6'2 and 224 pounds, he isn't see as a traditional blocking tight end.  Curry will have to impress right away, since we are so deep at that position.  I wouldn't be shocked to see him redshirted, but I also wouldn't be shocked to see him bumped up to a 4-star rating.  Curry is full of untapped potential, and Purdue has always done a good job of using tight ends.

In his highlight video, Curry shows good speed and quickness.  He also lined up as the H-back, and was used as a lead blocker.  He does a good job of hitting the hole hard and opening running lanes.  That would be an interesting wrinkle to add to the offense when he arrives on campus.

Curry is going to have to pass a lot of people on the depth chart to play as a freshman.  He is the second tight end in this class, after Ryan Morris.  However, his potential is unlimited.  I look forward to being able to watch Curry develop and hopefully become the next Dustin Keller.  We know how he worked out the first time.

Jonathan Curry Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)