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57 Days To Purdue Football: Kaulana Judd

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I received my Purdue Football preview from GBI in the mail yesterday, so I finally have a full roster that includes the numbers of every incoming player as well as the returning players. That means we get a plyer today when we otherwise wouldn't Joe Gilliam switched from 57 to 39, but junior college transfer Kaulana Judd takes the stage today.

Kaulana Judd - Jr.

Hometown: Waimea, HI (Fullerton College


6'3", 223

2011 Projection: Reserve at linebacker

Judd was an interesting pickup ebcause he signed virtually out of nowhere on signing day. Not a whole lot is known about him, so I will share Danny Hope's video about him on Signing Day:

Obviously, as a JuCo guy he is expected to make a major impact because he comes in with a little more experience than true freshmen. He was a disruptive defensive force last year for Fullerton College, but that is far from the Big Ten. Will Lucas, Joe Holland, and Dwayne Beckford have the starting spots locked down, with Gilliam, Mike Lee, Chris Carlino, and Antwon Higgs all in the mix. Judd gives us depth and he will possibly be a special teams contributor as well.

One cool thing about Judd is that he is originally from Waimea High School on the island of Kauai out in Hawaii. Kauai is beautiful and Waimea has Waimea Brewing Company, an excellent microbrewery famous for being the Westernmost Brewpub on the planet. The Canefire Red is the best beer I have ever tasted, and if you could buy it anywhere other than the Brewery/restaurant itself I would quickly replace Yuengling as the beer of choice on the site.

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