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Sean Matti's Body Found In Lake Freeman

When I first heard of this yesterday I was afraid of this outcome, but fears cannot stop it. WLFI in Lafayette is reporting that a body has been found this morning in Lake Freeman, and it is confirmed to be the body of 5th year senior running back Sean Matti.

I never had a chance to know Matti. he was one of the silent workers on the team that had hustled for four years as a scout team running back, but never played a down in an actual game. He had seen extensive action in several spring games, but never during the regular season.

I can post the usual fodder of this being a senseless tragedy and everything, but the real emotion has been seen all over Twitter this morning. Players such as Tommie Thomas, Ricardo Allen, Ryan Russell, and Landon Feichter have been the most recent sources of information as they have been following the story relentlessly. This is a terrible tragedy, as Matti was set to begin his final season at Purdue in just a few short weeks.

I am praying for the family right now, as at least they find some closure in this. Jordan, a regular contributor to the site, will likely have something later this week, as he was a close friend of Sean. He'll be able to provide some background on a guy that never lit up the scoreboard, but clearly was a beloved contributor to Purdue Football.


Both Morgan Burke and Danny hope have now spoken on the passing of Sean Matti:

"On behalf of the entire Purdue Boilermaker family, our hearts go out to Sean's family - Frank and Karen, Samantha, Kyle and Amanda - and all those who knew and loved him," athletics director Morgan Burke said. "It is during difficult times like these that families must unite to grow stronger, and we extend our hands out to help however we can."

Danny Hope:

"Purdue football is a family, and I am terribly saddened by the loss of one of our young men. Sally's and my prayers continue to go out to Sean's family and all his friends and loved ones. He was a special young man whose positive spirit will be a part of our program forever."