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63 Days To Purdue Football: James Shepherd

It's 4th of July weekend, so I am taking a much needed break from writing in order to head up to the Indiana Dunes and possibly to Chicago over the next few days. it's a nice, relaxing beach day in the only place in Indiana that has a real beach. From here on out everything is a scheduled post unless one of the other writers feels like publishing. Otherwise, why are you visiting Hammer & rails? it's the middle of summer! Go out and enjoy yourselves, I order you!

We need to keep the countdown to Purdue football going with the next player in the lineup, Senior James Shepherd.

James Shepherd - Sr.

Hometown: Crofton, KY (Christian County)

Offensive Guard

6'5", 318 pounds

2011 Projection: Offensive line reserve

Because you cannot teach 6'5" 318 pounds I expected much more from Shepherd by now. Instead, he has seen action in just one game that I know of, that being in 2008 against Michigan. One of the few remaining Tiller recruits, he enters his fifth year buried on the depth chart. currently, he is listed as the #2 right guard behind Ken Plue, but given Plue's well known struggles in the spring he could see some action this season. At the very least he gives a modicum of experience and depth on the offensive line. As a fifth year senior he should be a guy that can play in a pinch if needed.