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52 Days To Purdue Football: Henry Lorenzen

We don't have many Canadian players, but one from the same prep school that produced Dorien Bryanthas given us a developmental offensive lineman that could eventually become a starting center. Officially, he was a walk-on in 2009, but after to years he has developed into a solid scout team player.

Henry Lorenzen - So. (RS)

Hometown: Wilsonville, ON (Fork Union Virginia Military Academy)


6'2", 298 pounds

2011 Projection: Reserve at Center

He joined the team as a walk-on last in 2009 after training camp and redshirted. He is a smart kid too, majoring in engineering and playing his own way on international tuition. He had straight A's in high school, accumulating a 4.0 GPA.

Even though Purdue hasn't posted much info about him I found a full article from the Simcoe (ON) Reformer talking about his move from Fork Union to Purdue. It sounds like he chose Fork union so he could get noticed by American programs, but he is still getting adjusted to the American game from the Canadian game. It will probably be awhile before we see Lorenzen on the field, if we ever do. Still, he sounds like a kid that is willing to put in some hard work. That will get him to the field before anything else.

It sounds like the kid was a heck of a player up in Canada. He even garnered the notice of TSN, the main Canadian sports network. We can't dismiss players from our northern neighbors (neighbours?). Brett Romberg, former center at Miami, enforcer and protector for Mrs. T-Mill and her friend, and current center for the Falcons is from Canada. Lorenzen certainly learned discipline while at Fork Union. That will pay off. This could be a player that makes an impact before he is done.

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