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The Boston Boilermakers!

Who knew that the loss to VCU wasn't the last time we get to see JaJuan Johnson and E`Twaun Moore play on the same team. now they will bring an infusion of youth to the Boston Celtics and team with Paul Pierce, Rajon Rando, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett.

And really, can you think of a better place for them to learn? E'Twaun can morph into a weapon as a short from Allen. JJ can learn from Kevin Garnett, a similar type of player that can teach him how to be mean in the NBA. It is still very early, but Moore could take over for Allensomeday if he becomes a consistent NBA shooter, while JJ has a lot of Kevin Garnett's early athleticism.

I feel so proud of both of these guys. I know this site has grown while they were on the floor at Purdue into what it is today, so I am overjoyed that they will get to play together at the next level. Make us proud, guys.

Here are some links from the internets about the Draft night (with one football recruiting note:

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Celtics Select E'Twaun Moore With 2nd Round Pick

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JJ talks about his new address in Boston.

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JJ drafted to Boston

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Purdue's JaJuan Johnson will begin his NBA career with Boston via New Jersey.

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Yes, you can already buy a Boston Boilermakers shirt.

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