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Boilermakings for 5/31

I know we're all hungover from the long weekend, but let's get into the day's links.

Pudue Alum Lindblom Called Up By Dodgers
Welcome tot he show, Josh Lindblom.

Best CBs In College Football (2011-2012) - Top Ten List
Ricardo Allen is getting plenty of attention as a soph. corner, and he deserves it. Vote for him as one of the best in college football.

2011 NBA Mock Draft: What the Entire Full 2 Rounds Could Look Like | Bleacher Report
We are required to mock the Bleacher Report here at SBN, but they break down the NBA Draft for JaJuan Johnson and E`Twaun Moore.

FANpeeps: Jim Tressel?s Resignation and Its Effect on Purdue
How does Jim Tressel's resignation affect us? The short answer is not a whole lot unless we simply get better.

Big Ten Breakdown: Purdue Boilermakers, Part 1 (Overview and Offense) | Bleacher Report
The Bleacher Report is already on our 2011 Football season.

Interestingly Enough
We're badasses at the Rube Goldberg competition.