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Boilermakings For Memorial Day weekend

Today marks 99 days to Purdue football. I would have a player profile here, but the next number on the current roster is #97 in Ryan Russell. That means you get a Boilermakings before enjoying the weekend.

Michigan State Spartans Football Highlights, Michigan State Spartans Basketball Highlights, Michigan State Spartans Video - Big Ten Network
Video highlights (or lowlights?) of baseball's 7-1 loss to Michigan State 7-1.

Updated top-20 rankings for state’s 2012 class | Recruiting Central blog | The Indianapolis Star |
Here is a look at the top-20 in-state players in next year's class with Ronnie Johnson and Rapheal Davis as top 9 players.

Johnson, Moore busy preparing for NBA draft | Purdue Insider blog | The Indianapolis Star |
More about JJ and E`Twaun's Draft prep.

DraftExpress: Moore than "Just a Good" College Player
DraftExpress views E`Twaun as a solid pro prospect.

Purdue’s Johnson works out for Pacers, wants to prove ‘I can bang down low’ | Pacers Insider blog | The Indianapolis Star |
JJ wants to prove he can be a banger. Could he also be playing for the Pacers soon, as they look to have a lineup exclusively of forwards.