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Boilermakings For 5/26/2011

Leave it to South Park to give the NCAA, the Big Ten, and virtually all of college athletics a proper public shaming. That and more in today's Boilermakings:

2011 schedule analysis: Purdue - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Adam Rittenberg's team-by-team breakdown of each Big Ten schedule continues with the Purdue Boilermakers.

UCLA, LSU's Austin Ernst win women's NCAA golf titles - ESPN
ESPN's wrap-up features a rough ending to Purdue's title defense, as a scoring error cost Purdue two strokes late.

College Basketball Class Rankings 2012 - ESPN
We currently have the #8 recruiting class for 2012 according to ESPN, but of course they're making banners to the south already.

YouTube - A closer look at Ray Edwards' victorious boxing debut
Video of former Boiler Ray Edwards in his boxing debut.

Crack Baby Athletic Association (Season 15, Episode 5) - Full Episode Player - South Park Studios
Last night's South Park. It is possibly the most offensive South Park ever, but it offers a hilarious take on the "paying college players" debate.