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2011 NCAA Tournament: The Championship Open Thread

Last year I loudly proclaimed that tonight would be a coronation when I said we would wint he 2011 NCAA title once JJ decided to return. Sadly, I was wrong. It will either be Connecticut or Butler, as we have been out of the discussion for awhile now. It still should be fun though. it is nice to see a mid-major and a school that does things the right way make it this far, even if it does make me wonder if it will ever be our time.

Last year I was in attendance when Gordon Heyward's shot went off the rim. I won't be there tonight, of course, but I think Butler has an even better chance to win. some may whine about this not being the best possible teams, but these are the same people that defend the BCS. I say they are the best teams because of one thing: they haven't lost when it mattered most.

Go Butler. If we can't do it I want you guys to. I'll even volunteer as the official Open Thread host since Butler does not have a home on SBNation. Yes, it stings we're not there, but it could be a whole lot worse. It will be that much sweeter when our time comes.