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An Update On The Purdue ICONS Series

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I know there isn't a lot to wrote about today, but there will be some more football updates this week. Also, I'll likely do an Open Thread for tonight's national title, especially since the city of Indianapolis will be shutting down to watch Butler.

In the meantime, I wanted to welcome everybody who is a new reader after stopping by during the Painter to Missouri saga. It looks like the Tigers got their man in Miami's Frank Haith. Compared to coach Painter it is an underwhleming hire. Haith overachieved with his one NCAA Tournament team in Miami, but greatly underachieved with others. I wish them well though.

The main point of this short article, other than to serve as welcome to all the new readers, is to give an update on the Purdue ICONS series. So far, I have received 13 ballots from people ranking their top 25 Purdue athletes of all time. I am compiling the list like the AP top 25 (i.e., a #1 vote is worth 25 points, a #2 vote is worth 24, etc.). 68 different Purdue athletes and coaches have received at least one vote so far. Here is the complete list of people who have received votes:

Akin Ayodele
Anthony Spencer
Bernard Pollard
Bob Griese
Bobby Riddell
Brad Miller
Brian Alford
Brian Cardinal
Carissa Yasen
Carl Landry
Charles Murphy
Chris Kramer
Cuonzo Martin
Darryl Stingley
Dave Butz
Dave Schellhase
David Boudia
Drew Brees
Duane Purvis
Dustin Keller
E`Twaun Moore
Gene Keady 
Glenn Robinson
Hank Stram
Herm Gilliam
JaJuan Johnson
Joe Barry Carroll
Joe Tiller
John Standeford
John Wooden
Joy Holmes Harris
Kara Patterson
Katie Douglas
Keena Turner
Kyle Orton
Lamar Lundy
Larry Brumbaugh (the first Purdue Pete)
Len Dawson
Leroy Keyes
MaChelle Joseph
Maria Hernandez
Mark Herrman
Matt Light
Matt Painter
Mike Alstott
Mike Phipps
Nick Hardwick
Niko Koutovides
Otis Armstrong
Ray Edwards
Ray Ewry
Rick Mount
Robbie Hummel
Rod Woodson
Rosevelt Colvin
Ryan Kerrigan
Shereka Wright
Stacey Loveless
Stephanie White
Stephen Scheffler
Stu Schweigert
Taylor Stubblefield
Terry Dischinger
Tim Stratton
Travis Dorsch
Troy Lewis
Ukari Figgs

Ward Lambert

If you wish to submit a ballot just drop me an e-mail with your ranked top 25 at