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Pulse of Boiler Nation: Final Four desires

Good morning, fellow Boilermakers. I'm glad we weathered the week that was with Mattygate and I am, again, confident in saying that damn, it feels good to be a Boiler.

This is a bittersweet weekend; many of us envisioned the Big Three cutting down the nets on Monday as early as last March. Even when Rob went down, some of us still held Final Four hopes. But, as we experienced ever-so-painfully, there are two sides to March Madness upsets, and it sure did sting.

I know, at least for me, that I have gotten over my funk of hating basketball for a few days after a big Boilers loss, and I'm excited to see what transpires at Reliant over the next few days. I have my own closely-held desires for how this whole thing will play out, but I was wondering how you all felt too. What's your ideal weekend, basketball-wise?