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Welcome to the Fold, Jordan Shine

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Warren Central safety Jordan Shine wasted no time accepting his offer and becoming the first commitment for the class of 2012.

It took Shine ( 6'0/185 lbs) only about an hour to decide that he wanted to be a Boilermaker. And after viewing his highlight video, I feel pretty good about this pickup.

The video demonstrates that Shine has a solid nose for the ball and can deliver a hit like...uh...a safety...which works out well considering that's his likely position. He also has a good back-peddle and a year to continue to develop in one of the better systems in the state.

We are still gathering information, but according to Max Prep, Shine averaged 8.8 tackles a game to help WC finish with a 8-2 record. (Take Max Prep stats with a grain of salt - not all the numbers add up.) He also earned MIC Fall All-Conference honors last fall, an honor nominated by the coaching staff.

We'll have more on in-depth information as it becomes available or as my googling skills enhance.

But welcome to the fold, Jordan. Not a bad start to the weekend.

Here's to hoping that more members of the 2012 class just as eager to become a Boilermaker as Shine is!

Note: Insert Shine pun here. I felt like I needed at least one, but nothing I came up with satisfied me.