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Jay Simpson Opens Spring AAU Season Strong

According to ESPN's Reggie Rankin's,  Jay Simpson is starting his Spring AAU season on a high note:

"The future Purdue Boilermaker joined the track team and lost weight which has really helped his game. Simpson ran the floor better and was active and aggressive on both ends of the floor. He scored inside through contact when he received drop-off passes, attacked the rim with short drives along the baseline and knocked down a 15-foot jumper. Simpson rebounded on both ends in his area and blocked a couple of shots. Simpson's energy and urgency was like night and day since we last saw him back in December. He is strong and has a big body. If he continues to work and Improve, he will make himself and Purdue coach Matt Painter extremely happy."

Any Jay Simpson update that doesn't mention asthma or 'engagement' is welcomed news! He has had the physical gifts for awhile, and it appears his confidence is starting to catch up.

We'll keep you updated as Spring AAU progresses.