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Absolutely Pathetic

Good job, Purdue. Way to take a month of scratching and clawing your way to respect and flushing it away in one afternoon.

The #1 Seed is gone.

The Big Ten title is gone.

The respect is gone.

There is absolutely no excuse for this. It is completely our fault. All we can do is either give up or regroup and prepare for the tournaments. At least it happened now rather than in two weeks.

Credit to the Hawkeyes for playing a tough game and never quitting. They were ready to play and deserve this win. We do not. They fought harder, hustled more, played better, and had more heart. That is why this loss hurts even more. Instead of attacking the basket and trying to make a difference we kept trying threes that were never falling.

I'm out until it's time to talk Big Ten Tournament. There is no reason to give up and our goals can still be accomplished, but this was a huge setback and a dismal effort today.