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The Matt Painter To Missouri Saga: Judgment Day Open Thread

This is day 3? 4? 2,950? of our continuing coverage of possibly, definitely, the chance that Matt Painter may leave Purdue for the University of Missouri coaching position. Things may have swayed back in our favor last night, as GBI reported that Painter met with university officials concerning compensation for assistants. I don't know if that means each assistant gets two fattened calves, rims and a system for their cars, a hefty raise or not, but it seems to be helping us.

All of this should be over by noon. I feel like we have been in the middle of hostage negotiations at this point. I just want it to be over so we can go back to building the program or searching for a new coach. Let's all remember one thing: According to Nancy Cross, this is all our fault for not giving the blood of our first born more money to keep him around.

So here is your Open Thread for Judgement Day.