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The Matt Painter To Missouri Saga: Tuesday Afternoon Update

It is 1:43 on Tuesday afternoon and we still don't have many definite answers. Here is what we do know:

  • According to Rock M Nation, Missouri is meeting with Painter today in Florida. They have tracked a plane from Jefferson City to Orlando, and it is supposed to be returning shortly.
  • Video person extraordinaire has reported that Painter is on the plane to Missouri, but we do not know anything for sure as it is a Twitter rumor, thus unsubstantiated.
  • Purdue has finally spoken on the issue, saying an offer has been made and that President Cordova and Morgan Burke are working to keep Painter at Purdue. This, of course, has the CYA dig of, "If he leaves, it is your fault for not donating enough money" clause at the end, which is highly inappropriate and only makes the situation worse if he leaves.
  • Coach Keady thinks that Painter is not making a play for himself, but for his assistants to show the university is making a commitment to winning championships. I fully support Painter in this because making money and breaking even isn't what this is all about. It is about winning championships. Win championships and the money will follow.
  • In regards to the article there, I doubt Matt Painter is afraid of Tom Crean and his recruiting efforts. A modicum of research shows that we have some good commits of our own coming in 2012 and 2013, and Painter is probably about as afraid of Tom Crean as Charlie Sheen is afraid porn stars.
  • Dick Weiss has shown to be worthy of his name in all of this. A "concerned" IU fan tweeted me last night supporting him, as if journalistic integrity shouldn't matter because he is a Hall of Famer. Just like three way calls don't matter because Sampson didn't make the call, I'm sure.
  • Tom Schott has stated that an effort "An effort is being made, has been made, was made. What was demonstrated last night is certainly enough of a starting point that he'll understand our desires." I don't know what to take of this. It seems to me that Purdue should be at more than a starting point by now.
  • SBNation's Kansas City site is backing off on saying he is signed too.
  • Purdue students are rallying on campus right now, but is Matt Painter aware of the support?

So that is all we know as facts. To editorialize, I am terrified. I cannot believe that we would have a situation where the fans want a coach to stay, but he may leave because the university won't make the commitment to winning championships that he desires. Then, said university releases a letter like the one sent to all JPC donors with the CYA message that basically states, "If he leaves, it is all your fault because you didn't donate to the Mackey Arena project or recruit new members." This really set me off, as I sent the following response to the John Purdue Club.

Ms. Cross, I find this paragraph highly inappropriate, especially in these economically challenging times. I spend over $700 per year on basketball tickets, over $500 on football tickets, and another $200 on an annual JPC membership. This is as much as my limited budget can handle, especially since the Center for Career Opportunities had been of little help in my job search and I was unemployed with my Purdue degree for six years. I know of several other young alumni who are in my boat, where similar levels of contributions are the maximum they can do.

I also publish Purdue's SBNation site Hammer & Rails, which has a readership of over 5,000 readers per day, but has been singled out by the athletic department and blacklisted. Many readers disagree with this choice, and have withdrawn further financial support because of it. Hammer & Rails represents the voice of many Purdue fans, and they are displeased with this tone of, "Well, it is the fans' fault for not donating more." I love Purdue University. That is why I write this site every day at very little compensation. The Purdue fans that read my site have been much more supportive of coach Painter and of my efforts than the university itself, and it is sad that Purdue continues to treat its own this way.

Best regards,

Travis A. Miller

SLA ‘02

So it is up to Coach Painter now. Amazingly, very few people are upset with him over this entire situation, even though he could have ended it by giving a two word statement: "Not Interested". That tells me he wants more for his assistants, and that he wants to be somewhere that is committed to winning championships and not just making the tournament and contending every few years. The Mackey Project is the first step in that as we will soon have the facilities needed. Painter wants to make sure it goes beyond a mere physical building.

It is my hope that he stays and Purdue makes that commitment. If he does and Purdue follows through, I am confident that there will be bright days ahead.