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The Matt Painter To Missouri Saga: Let's Make It An Open Thread Then

Let's restore some sanity, people!
Let's restore some sanity, people!

Now that the entire fanbase is in panic mode, ready to light torches and sharpen pitchforks to march on the Athletic Department offices to call for the head of Morgan Burke, or at the very least, and explanation, we might as well make an Open Thread for all these comments. After all, Open threads are what we do best around here. Yesterday's article turned into a 740 comment Open Thread and went nuclear after Dick Weiss of the New York Daily News said it was a done deal. Of course, having Hall of Fame credentials means nothing when you pretend you don't know about the 140 character limit and retract by saying the offer was a done deal and that is what you were talking about after being called out that you were wrong.Self-respecting, credentialed media would never run with stuff like this and expect to keep their credentials anyway, right, Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel?

Oh, wait.

I also got the following Tweets late last night from "concerned" IU fans:

Ryan Joshua Love
The Matt Painter To Missouri Saga: Does Purdue Have A Losers Mentality? via @ Purdont is Purdont4a reason

Michael Ciccarone
@ You're aware that "schmoe" from NYC has been covering college basketball for 40 yrs and is a HOFer, right?

I wish I could myself monosyllabically enough to explain that Weiss might be in the Hall of Fame, but it is because he knows how to scream "First!" with a story and, in this case, he was wrong about a story.. Unfortunately, any response I make will be met with "Purdon't, Five Banners, and Ugly women", so why bother? Anyway, they probably are enjoying this because our in game coaching is the one edge we have on them right now.

Anyway, Here is your Open Thread for the day. Don't forget about the rally to Restore Sanity, as I call it, happening between noon and 3pm today on campus.