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Purdue Women Get #9 Seed

This is just a quick update to say that the women's team has returned the NCAA Tournament after a one year absence. That's not bad for a team that had its starting point guard for not even half a game and another starter that nearly died from a serious bacterial infection. The lady Boilers are the #9 seed in the Philadelphia region against Kansas State. They will play on Sunday at 2:30 in Storrs, CT.

With that comes the bad news. Purdue playing in Storrs means that the number 1 seed is, you guessed it, the all-powerful Connecticut Huskies. That means we can expect Purdue to maybe win one game before becoming a speed bump for the next Huskies Championship. It's hard to see them losing to a weakened Purdue when they are thumping top 5 teams by 30 points. Maybe we can hope for a case of food poisoning.

At least we'll be on their championship shirts when they list the scores.