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Selection Sunday Open Thread

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Hey kids, let's get this started early. It's a long day of basketball before the selection show at 6:30 tonight. We have our own Big Ten Final at 3:30, but this is the place to discuss everything. I'll have a tournament breakdown and opponent preview tonight after the field is announced. I still think our profile is enough for a three seed and placement in Chicago. Some projections even have us as a two, which, if we get it, will be a gift in my opinion. In reality, I think the 3 through 12 teams are very, very close, with a big gap between 12 (us) and 13 (Georgetown) Here is one last look at our profile:

Record: 25-7

RPI: 12

Record vs. RPI Top 25: 2-3 (beat Ohio State, Wisconsin. Lost at Ohio State, Wisconsin, West Virginia)

Record vs. RPI Top 50: 9-5 (Michigan sitting at 51, Penn State, Michigan State, and Illinois are all between 40 and 47. Oakland is 49)

Record vs. RPI Top 100: 16-6

Wins over teams in the field or on the Bubble: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State x2, Michigan State x2, Illinois x2, Oakland, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Indiana State