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A Fan's Perspective

I know I should currently be spending my time searching for new and creative ways to bash IU, but I'm not quite over my high from the greatest week in Purdue Basketball history (in my opinion, of course).

I forgot to DVR the game before I left for West Lafayette, so I have to rely on the few pictures and videos we took at Mackey to help me relive the victory. But they get the job done...

My brother and I simultaneously captured the moment that JaJuan Johnson sealed the deal with his reverse dunk.  I'm sure you can find a better picture of the dunk itself, but these do a great job of capturing the overall excitement in Mackey Arena.


I also learned that I have no future as a camera man. Sure the video is very shaky and poor quality (it was taken from my iPhone), but I personally like the way the crudeness captures the crowd's (and especially my) overall elation.


Just thought I'd share...I'll spend a few more hours of lamenting on how happy I am to be a Boilermaker; then I'll begin focusing my time on hating IU.