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A Night With JJ & E'Twaun: Presented By The Paint Crew & Hammer & Rails

As promised, I have been in contact with the Indiana Pacers and I now have some details for the group outing to see them play the Boston Celtics with our own JaJuan Johnson and E`Twaun Moore. In speaking with their representative, the Paint Crew, and at the suggestion of the majority of readers, we are aiming for the Saturday, January 14 game at Conseco Fieldhouse. Since the news broke today that Smooge got a guaranteed contract he will be on the roster when Boston comes to town. JJ, of course, gets a guaranteed contract as a first round pick.

Ticket prices are as follows, with the news that a larger group could see us get a bigger break on prices. The Paint Crew is also involved with this, so they will be promoting it on the campus end:

  • $25 for Balcony Seats
  • $35 for Club Level Seats
  • $60 for Lower Level Seats

These prices could go down a little. Since The Paint Crew is involved if they get enough people (and us too) there could be more of a price break. The bigger the group the lower everyone else pays. more details can be found after The Jump, including a special surprise.

Once the group representative hears from The Paint Crew they will set up a special ticketing website just for us sometime next week. I will post it here at the site, along with a flyer and much fanfare, and you can buy your tickets directly through it. It will be different from the normal site, so you need to go to it to get the group rate.Once there, you can buy tickets online and have them mailed to you from the Pacers.

That is where the special surprise comes in. On game night they will have a table set up in the entry pavillion where everyone who bought group tickets will get a wristband for the post-game activity. that special activity is something the Pacers and Celtics have been very nice to set up for us: a meet and greet with JJ and E`Twaun where we can shower them with adoration and get autographs. I know I had spoken of some actual court time at Conseco for pickups games, but to me, this is a lot more special. The representative said last year they did something similar for Gordon Hayward when he came through with Utah and over 500 showed up.

So those are the details as I have them. As soon as they have our group website prepared I will post it so you can buy tickets for this very special night. We've loved these guys for the past four years, so I am excited to show them that we still care greatly for them now that they are all grown up and in the NBA.