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The Boston Boilermakers: An H&R Group Outing

Now that there will be an NBA season, I am excited to see that E`Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson will be able to begin their NBA careers. That also means there will be a chance to see them play here in Indianapolis. The Celtics visit Conseco Fieldhouse on Satrday, January 14 and Saturday, April 7.

I have already spoken to the folks at Conseco about a special group rate for tickets if we can get enough people, and there are some nice perks available. One of the possible perks is playing time on the actual floor either before or after the game for pickup games if we have enough people. I know you all want to be dazzled by my whiteness as I ball, so this would be one of my favorite possible activities.

I will contact the Pacers again today, and I know the Paint Crew is working on a group rate as well. We might be able to combine to get an even larger group to see JJ and Smooge. If you're interested in an H&R group please e-mail me or leave a comment here with your preferred date.