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Western Carolina At Purdue: Time For The Bigs To Grow Up

A Catamount
A Catamount

A catamount is basically a mountain lion. They are very territorial, but they are not native to West Lafayette. that means we should have a major advantage tonight.

I know, that was a stretch, but this is a game that should be a Neal Beshears special. If he doesn't see the floor tonight because we're up 20 in the final minutes then something is seriously wrong. As mentioned in the preview, this should be an excellent for the bigs to get in some work and gain confidence. Were never going to have this big of an advantage in the post the rest of the year, so lets feed the ball to Sandi Marcius, Travis Carroll, and Jacob Lawson and let them gain some confidence.If they can't dominate a game like this we need to take it as a very bad sign.

It's almost game time, so let's settle in for another night of Boiler basketball. Tipoff is set for 7:30 on Big Ten Network.