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The Weber Vs. Painter DeathMatch: Illinois At Purdue Game Thread

A happy early New Year to you all. While it was a great year for the site, personally it was an incredibly harrowing year and I am glad that it is is over. 2011 can kiss my ass in that regard. Before realxing with an adult beverage of choice this evening there is one more item of business: defendinf the Mackey Arena home court.

As mentioned, Mrs. T-Mill and I are in the alumni Paint Crew today. I have busted out the old school Gene Pool shirt from retirement to honor the first named student section from 2001-02. Yes, at the end of that year we might have had 50 students in attendance for wins over bad Penn State and Michigan teams, but I was there, begging John Allison to box out just once for the love of God.

Trust me, as much as you guys dislike Travis Carroll, John Allison was light years worse. He's the only 6'11" player I am confident I could outrebound over the course of a 40 minute game.