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2011 Big Ten Championship Game Open Thread: The "Let's All Get Drunk And Forget About Basketball" Thread

If you're like me, you want to forget about this game. I an pretty much avoiding any IU fan I know because I know this loss will sting for awhile. I don't need an IU fan's taunting right now, not when they still have accomplished less than we have this season. We need to forget and move on.

That's why I am glad we have the Big Ten Championship Game to help us forget. We can turn on the TV, crack a beer (except for me) and watch Michigan State and Wisconsin try to replay a classic.

I am in the auxillary press box sitting at a table on a riser above the north end zone of Lucas Oil Stadium for this one. it should be fun. I'll be in and out as I update the SB Nation: Indiana site, but try to enjoy yourselves as we wonder if our own football team will ever play in this game.