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Purdue At Xavier: Your Saturday Matinee GameThread

This could be a very big win for a Purdue team that is teetering between merely NCAA-worthy and being a contender in the BIg Ten. I admit that Ohio State scares the crap out of me with the way they bitch-slapped Duke, but we actually have only one game with them and one game with Wisconsin. The Wisconsin game is in Mackey too, where the Badgers never win.

That means we can contend in the conference by virtue of having an easier schedule than most. I think there is little doubt that we will be an NCAA team, but to be a higher seed and have a better chance at the Sweet 16 (or more) we need to get games like this one against one of the better teams int he country. So let's settle in and get ready for a tough game against a quality opponent. Like the Alabama game, we'll know a lot more about Purdue after today.