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Hot N' Ready!: The Purdue Vs. Western Michigan Little Caesars Bowl Game Thread

It is cold and snowing in Detroit, so thank goodness for temperature controlled domes. The Boilers and Broncos get to play int he cozy confines of Ford Field this afternoon while the snow falls outside. Thanks to the Purdue athletic department I am ensconced high above the turf in the front row of the media section with all of the kickass perks that come from being a respected member of the media.

Front row press area.

John Wadas is here as part of the AAMB, as are several other contributors and readers. The Hockeytown Cafe was willing to put up with the pregame shenanigans of multiple Purdue people. Rest assured, there is a very good Purdue contingent in Detroit today.

Finally, we have a bowl winning streak to work on. We're 8-7 all-time in bowls and we won out last bowl game after losing the three before that. it may be against a MAC team, but a bowl win is a bowl win.