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Drew Brees Goes For The Record: Your MNF Open Thread

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As you know, I have a hetero man-crush on Drew Brees. He is the example of what every Purdue athlete should be when they are all grown up and playing in the NFL. Tonight, he stands 305 yards away from breaking one of football's most impressive records. He came close a few seasons ago, but Dan Mariono's single season yardage record has stood for almost 30 years. It is very likely it will go down this year, if not tonight, then next week in the regular season finale.

Drew needs to keep it up as well. Tom Brady may also break the record, but Drew had more yards coming into this week, so the more he gets this week, the less he has to get. He also needs to keep his streak of 300 yard passing games going (he has six straight) and consecutive games with a touchdown (41, six short of Johnny Unitas' 47 in a row). Let's discuss Drew tonight here!