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Welcome to the Fold: James Prince

Well, I will say this. Danny Hope sure knows how to bring recruits into the program. Earlier today, ANOTHER high school senior decided to throw his hat in the ring to play for Purdue. James Prince, a three star tackle from Texas, is the 23rd member of the recruiting class of 2012.

Prince comes from Texas power Southlake Carroll High School where he played offensive tackle. At 6'6 and 258 pounds, Prince will have to add some weight before he becomes a viable lineman. I do find him to be almost the perfect height for a left tackle however. I'm not what side Hope wants him to play on and I assume Hope won't know either.

Prince is the fifth offensive lineman to join the class. Say what you want to about Hope, but we have options coming in last year. Prince certainly won't hurt our class rankings and might even bump us up a bit. It's a very solid class with a lot of potential to have starters early in careers.

Let's hope Prince gets his first victory as an official commit tomorrow. For the love of crappy Little Caesar's Pizza everywhere, let's get the first bowl win of Hope's career.