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2011 In Review: The Top Purdue Stories Of The Year

With only two basketball games and the bowl game left it is time to take a look back. This was a bit of a down year from 2010. yes, the football team returned to a bowl game, but we had disappointing results in most of our other major sports after solid regular seasons. It is what it is, however. We still have some pretty solid things to look back on. I figured that the next few days would be slow, so what better time to have another fantastic scientific poll of science.

I guess I should preface this with a caveat: These are the Purdue stories of the year before Christmas and the bowl game. As long as we don't get anymore players arrested there should be no bigger news. Now, if tomorrow afternoon the news breaks that the famous Perfect Storm has been running and illegal salami slicing operation out of the locker room based on their bowl gifts obviously that will be big news. For now, here is your top 10 to vote on: