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Mom and Me

Post contributed by Tyree Camacho

Mom and I have always had cooking in common – it’s just something we really like doing together. I grew up in an Italian family so when I moved into my new house with my husband I got direct tv sports packages for him and they just happened to come with all the cooking channels for me. I’m really excited to be the best kind of wife I can be and I know that making meals is a big part of that. I don’t want anyone to ever say that I wasn’t domestic enough to take care of Marty and you know, the boy’s got a big appetite I’ve got to satiate any way I know how! I love that there are so many things to cook for an Italian man that all involve the same ten ingredients. It keeps my trips to the store down and that’s what makes my life more streamlined. I sure hope our baby likes Italian food– wait, don’t tell him I told you, he doesn’t know that I’m pregnant yet!