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Kim Jong-Il Dies: A Moment Of Silence Please

It is not every day that a brutal dictator and the leader of a country that absolutely despises us dies, but it appears as if Kim Jong-Il has passed. What does this have to do with Purdue? Nothing, really, but it is an excuse to come here, talk world events, and view hilarious YouTubes. First, a moment of silence as he is so lonely:

Next, it is time for the funeral party rock:

Folks, it is stuff like this that makes it so wonderful that the internet exists. The people of North Korea have been oppressed for decades by this man and his father, so hopefully this is a step towards their freedom and liberation. These videos may be funny, but the situation in North Korea certainly is not. The world is a much better place without despotic leaders like Kim. Hopefully North Korea can start being a better place going forward.