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Welcome to the Fold: Bilal Marshall

Enough of this IU talk, let's get back to talking about Purdue football. Another quarterback is coming aboard for 2012 in the form of Bilal Marshall. The 3 star QB from Dade Christian in Florida decommitted from Kansas and switched to Purdue this morning. He apparently doesn't believe in "decided schematic advantages."

Marshall has had a lot of offers and a decent amount of interest. I don't see him playing next year unless he switches to wide receiver, but with Aloyis Gray doing the same thing, I can see a redshirt in Marshall's future. Then again, we could easily go to the 4 quarterback system with Henry, (maybe) Marve, TerBush, and Robinson with Marshall, Gray and Austin Appleby waiting in the wings.

He's a dual threat kind of a guy, which fits into our scheme (I think). Considering it changes on a whim, I'm not sure exactly what we are looking for in qb's these days.

His highlights look good, as he can actually throw on the move. Marshall adds to an already good recruiting class by Purdue standards, so the Danny Hope plan may be starting to bear fruits.

Bilal Marshall QB 2012 (via dcsbb)